Francesco Yates – Call [Official Music Video]

Francesco Yates – Call [Official Music Video]


How tall is Francesco Yates?

Francesco posted a tweet today and it was in response to a stalker fan asking him how tall he is. Well for any other stalkers (kidding!) wondering, he’s 5’11. We learn something new everyday!


Is Francesco about to cut off his afro?

Francesco just posted this on Twitter…

Something different is about to happen…

No! Say it isn’t so! His afro is his signature look. But from the tweet and the look of the pose in the picture I’d say he’s gonna be cutting off his hair. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Francesco Yates interview @BestFan – April 3, 2015

Our host Devo sits down with 19 year old Canadian artists, Francesco Yates who spoke about his experiences working with Pharrell Williams, Timberland and has been recognized by mega pop star Justin Timberlake. See what Francesco Yates is all about and what and who he plans to collaborate with later this year.

Francesco Yates – What’s Going On [Marvin Gaye Cover]

In celebration of Marvin Gaye’s birthday, Francesco posted a cover of Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. What a soulful rendition of this classic.

Happy birthday to a huge musical influence of mine #MarvinGaye Here is my tribute to you, a cover of What’s Going On?